Our staff
Martina Philips, Manager
Robert Marlow, Administrative and Premises Assistant

Contact us
Martina Philips, Manager
020 8487 5500 or martina@mortlakecommunityassociation.org.uk

Our board of trustees
The MCA is a governed by board which meets every two months. Our trustees and members of this board are:

Kate Woodhouse (Chair)
Robert Orr Ewing (Treasurer)
Francine Bates
Martin Borrett
Gareth Davies
Geraldine Dawes
Helen Deaton

If you are interested in becoming a trustee of the MCA, please contact us to find out more.

Annual Report and Accounts
Our Annual Report and Accounts 2017 are prepared in accordance with the Charities Commission SORP 2005. A copy of the accounts is filed with the Charities Commission. We are a registered charity no.282067.